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Teaching Philosophy


I believe that anyone, young or old, has the ability and sensibilities to become a musician. As a teacher, it takes a thoughtful, comprehensive approach to make sure that each student really enjoys and understands what he or she is learning. Each person is unique, and it is my goal to help each student learn to the best of his or her abilities. It is my responsibility as a teacher is to identify students’ individual musical qualities, so that I can help them unlock their imaginations when interpreting music. Teaching really makes me happy. There are few better feelings than when your students walk away with smiles.


As a music educator, I believe it’s my job to be as engaging and patient as I can be with my students, as well as serve as a gateway into the wonderful world of music, and help them understand and appreciate the music in a natural way. I believe that as the history of music progresses, it’s up to us as performers and educators to continually give the music we love its importance, and communicate this love for it to our audiences and students.


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